Example of How Program Works

We are looking for great videos of Equine BandaFlex in use. The videos can be simple or creative, they can be anywhere from tutorials of how to use, how easy it is to use to just fun videos. Bloopers are more than  welcome.

Videos do not have to be edited in any way and do not need to be professionally taken. Real horse must be in video.

We just ask that videos are clear and show off Equine BandaFlex bandages.

Here’s how the video rewards program works;

You will receive a $ credit off any bandages (Pet or Horse) on our website store for any footage we use. The rewards applies to usable footage.

**Disclosure *All footage used where rewards were given become property of
PawFlex, inc. to use in any capacity or forum.

Usable Footage
Rewards Calculator

30+seconds   = $20 credit

1-3 mins         = $40 credit

3+ minutes    = $150 credit

Equine BandaFlex Video Rewards Program

If you send in a 3 minute video but we consider only 2 minutes are usable we will give you a $40 credit toward your next order, It is always best to make the videos a little longer so that we can find the most useable footage which will enable you to get the greatest credit.

Voice on Videos are Welcome.

Send Us Your Videos!

Links of RAW VIDEOS only, try Dropbox.com or Wetransfer.com to generate a link to send us!

You may also send email direct to Jennifer@pawflex.com

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