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Global Pet Expo | April 2016 | Interview | April 2016

I came across PawFlex Bandages at the Global Pet Expo last month and knew
I had to add them to my pet first aid kit!

The Pet Expo | Good Day Orlando! | April 2016

The Pet Expo | | April 2016

Eco-Friendly Pet Products and St Patrick’s Day Pet Safety Tips with Dana Humphrey, AKA “The Pet Lady”

Safety First, Sales Next | April 2016 | Safety First, Sales Next

Merchandising tips for first aid, safety and summer products to keep warm-weather sales sunny.

Global Pet Expo | March 2016

Global Pet Expo | Jennifer DiGrazia interview

Interview with PawFlex, Inc. CEO Jennifer DiGrazia at the 2016 Global Pet Expo! Talks about PawFlex new Toy lines…

PawFlex New Product Lines | 2016 | PawFlex Lauches New Product Lines at Global Pet Expo 2016

Brooklyn-Based PawFlex Inc, maker of award-winning nonadhesive pet bandages, has unveiled new products at Global Pet Expo.

Dog makes PawFlex a Fave Find! | 2013 | Dog makes PawFlex a Fave Find!

Adding to the frustration of a paw infection was that my dog insisted on tearing up his bandages.

Quoted in Pet Age Magazine | 2013

Developments in remedies and supplements for dogs track trends in human health.

Pet Products and Celebrities | Fall 2011

“I decided to do this showcase on Better Health and Wellness, because as more and more people are concerned with their own health and wellness”

Create a Canine First Aid Kit | 2013

A first aid kit is important not only in the event of a natural disaster, but any time you are away from the comfort of your home, vehicle or immediate help.

Canine Care Loves PawFlex® | 2013

Canine Care recently had PawFlex® listed as one of their
“Products We Love!”.

Health & Wellness Product | 2012

VetStreet has mentioned PawFlex® as one of the top 5 Must-Have Health and Wellness Products From Global Pet Expo.

Essential Oils and Natural Products | Fall 2016 | Interview | Fall 2016 Natural Edition interview PawFlex, Inc. CEO Jennifer DiGrazia for an article on essential oils and natural products.

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