Pet Shampoo

Wickedly Potent!® Natural Pet Remedies

A Power Packed, Potent Concoction of Wild & Organic Herbs and Oils,
conjured up to address common topical maladies that may, time to time, affect your Pets.

Wickedly Potent!® Remedies are formulated to meet the demands of topical issues from soothing your pets irritated skin,
relieving chronic itching, calm and clean aggravated ears, to keeping their teeth and gums healthy and strong.
Wickedly Potent!® Does this all naturally, safe, and gently.

Wickedly Potent!® Balms & Salves

Wickedly Potent!® formulations are full of only natural and human grade herbs, oils, and roots specifically picked for their known healing prowess. We believe that Mother Earth, along with historically known uses of plants and trees, provide all we need to live, prosper, and maintain our health.


Our pets experience the same effect from nature. Our bodies, both animal and human, are not acclimated to be synergistic with harsh, lab-made solutions. Our biological bodies require bio accessible ingredients to fully receive their healing imprint and energy.

‘All Natural Dog’; Wound Care Management & Support

Wickedly Potent!® healing salves and balms are best for topical cuts and scrapes, dry/cracked elbows and paws, minor burns, wounds, hot spots, itchy skin, fungus and more.

Our First Aid Salve works great to soothe and protect skin from bug bites, scrapes and cuts , surgical sites after stiches are removed, and more.

Our Hot Spot & Fungal Salve and Itchy Skin Salve help relieve itching while soothing fragile, inflamed and compromised skin. There are no harmful ingredients even if your dog licks salve off.

We want your dog to live their life to the fullest. Wickedly Potent!® Natural Remedies can help them get back to their normal natural self quickly and easily. No need to ever worry about negative side effects. There are none.

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How does Wickedly Potent!® Compare to other herbal products in the same category?

I wish I could say it is the ‘magic’ we put into it, but that would just be playing with words. The truth is our products are highly potent. Our ingredients are fresh and sourced from mainly mineral rich wild land from mountains to forests to plains here in the US.

We do source a few ingredients that come from pure land in countries best known for that herb or oil, but we never use anything from China or other areas with polluted air, land, or depleted soil.

Our Wickedly Potent!® line of remedies are highly concentrated and potent remedies designed with ingredients that are known throughout history to have the constituents and properties that address the specific maladies we want to alleviate.

We only use the medicinal constituent of plants whether it be the root, flower, leaf or entire plant. In our herbal remedies, Wickedly Potent!® Only uses all-natural infusions and oils known to soothe and nourish even the most fragile skin. So naturally, most of our products are Vegan-Friendly and Vegetarian – and contains no hidden artificial ingredients.

Use our Wickedly Potent!® healing salves with our Pawflex® non-adhesive pet bandages to allow the medicinal remedy time to soak into affected skin and work its natural healing magic.

We manufacture all our Wickedly Potent!® Remedies products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency, and love.

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Uses for Our Healing Salves and Balms Are:

Minor Burns
Skin Irritations

Hot Spots
Minor Cuts
Insect Bites

Fungal Infections

Some dog love playing outside in the cold weather and some just need to go potty, but no matter how dry and cracked the elements make their skin, Wickedly Potent!® has crafted the most moisturizing and soothing Nose & Paws Salve to, not only condition and soothe sensitive skin, but protect it. Use Wickedly Potent!® Nose & Paws Salve for cracked elbows, rough paws, and wind-damaged ‘wittle’ noses.

First Aid

With potent infusions of the best healing herbs, Wickedly Potent
– all natural, Holistic healing remedies
– helps dogs with their First Aid needs…

With potent concentrations of the best healing herbs, Wickedly Potent!®
all natural holistic healing remedies help your dogs with his or her Doggie First Aid needs from any maladies and or conditions that cause itchiness and irritations from allergies, hot spots, and fungal infections to bugs bites, cuts and scratches to dermatitis, mild burns, raw skin, sores and more.
Searching for Alternative Medicine for your pet? Wickedly Potent!® Is the best of nature’s brews.

Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Dog & Pet First Aid Salve, pawflex, animal health, pet care, paw bandages for pets

First Aid Salve

Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Dog & Pet Itchy Paws & Skin Salve, pawflex, pet shop near me, pet supply, paw bandages, pet care

Itchy Paw & Skin Salve

Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Dog & Pet Hotspot and Fungal Balm, pawflex, pet shop near me, pet supply, paw bandages

Hotspot & Fungal Balm

Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Dog & Pet Nose and Paws Salve, pawflex, pet shop, paw bandages for pets

Nose & Paws Salve

Wickedly Potent!® Oral Care

Daily care Oral Care

Natural, Safe, Harmless, and Effective

Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Dog & Pet Mouth and Teeth Spray, Teeth Spray for dog, Mouth Spray for dogs, pet shop near me

Mount & Teeth Spray

Wickedly Potent® Mouth & Teeth Spray


Naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-plaque herbs, roots, leaves, and flowers infused in fractionated coconut oil.

Wickedly Potent® Mouth and Teeth Spray help relieve your dog’s teeth from plague while calming and relieving inflamed or sensitive gums.

Directions for USE:


Do Not Spray directly into mouth or on teeth, as this method may cause the spray to get into your dog’s eyes.

Do Spray directly onto your dog’s toothbrush or on a cotton or gauze cloth to brush or clean your dog’s teeth.

***When not to use Wickedly Potent® Mouth and Teeth Stray:

If your dog has periodontal disease, open sores in mouth or on gums or loose teeth, this product will not fix or help these issues.

Canine periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the mouth. There are four stages of periodontal disease, progressing from plaque and mildly inflamed gums to established gingivitis (Gum Disease), and then on to mild and ultimately severe periodontitis, which may involve bone and/or tooth loss. Seek the advice of your veterinary to determine if your pet also needs medical attention for their dental issues along with daily maintenance.

Wickedly Potent!® Vegan Toothpaste

Welcome to the Vegan world of Wickedly Potent!® Toothpastes

Our # 1 sellers of all our Wickedly Potent!® products are our popular and delicious line of Vegan toothpastes. They are not meant to be food, but dogs do find them to be a treat. They taste delicious, smell great, and are fully edible…just in case your dog cannot resist.

Completely human grade made with the best ingredients (As all our Wickedly Potent!® Products).

Unrefined raw organic coconut oil blended with the best of herbs known to fight a plethora of Oral and dental maladies, as well as clean and brighten your dog’s smile.

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, The Original Vegan Dog & Pet Toothpaste

Original Vegan Toothpaste

Try our Vegan Original Toothpaste with Activated charcoal plus helpful fresh cooling herbs.

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Vegan Fresh Dog & Pet Toothpaste

Vegan Fresh Toothpaste

Or Feel the coolness of Vegan Fresh Toothpaste with Bentonite and calming and minty herbs.

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Vegan Hemp Dog & Pet Toothpaste

Vegan Hemp Toothpaste

Or get in with the Hemp scene with our Vegan Hemp Toothpaste with Bentonite plus flavorful and soothing herbs.

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Vegan Tropical Dog & Pet Toothpaste

Vegan Tropical Toothpaste

Or get a bit tropical, Vegan Tropical Toothpaste that is, with the best edible bentonite on this earth.

What ever your choice, your dog will love it!

Each Vegan Toothpaste is bursting with freshness and flavor. Flavors your dogs will thorough enjoy.

No more artificial bacon or chicken flavor. Your dog knows what is good for them and they will run to you as soon as they see you with their Wickedly Potent!® Toothpaste.

The only issue you will ever have again with brushing your dog’s teeth is keeping your dog from trying to eat the whole jar.

Try a Wickedly Potent!® Vegan Toothpaste today. You don’t have to be Vegan to love it!

Our Wickedly Potent!® Products
are Animal Cruelty Free, and contribute to No Animal Testing.

Wickedly Potent!® Toothpaste for dogs is made with all human grade ingredients and is not only harmless to ingest but beneficial because of natural activated charcoal.
Holistic and Free of any Lab-Made Chemicals, crafted wholly for fighting plaque, whitening, cleansing and soothing with a mild clean flavor for fresh breath.

Wickedly Potent!® Ear Care

Good Night Sleep Ear Wash Ear Care*** 

Wickedly Potent!® Ear wash is made with a peroxide and organic Apple Cyder vinegar base. The herbs are infused into the Apple cider vinegar for 6 weeks before strained.

This method creates a powerfully potent ear wash that alleviates the ears from mites, yeast infections and more. It is a superb all natural powerful antibacterial and Anti-Fungal. It also helps deal with smelly ears.

“It’s not healthy for a dog to have Brownish-Black Wax in their ear because it’s a sign of infection and not natural for puppies or dogs. You can use this herbal solution on a cotton swab or a cloth, to gently wash away and soothe the affected ear.”

Special note about our Ear Wash:

A little goes a long way. Use full strength when applying to cloth to clean ears or to put one or two drops directly into the ear canal. If you would like to use as a full ear wash you must dilute with water by 50-100% in a separate cup, and slowly apply inside ear (It is helpful to use a baby medicine squeeze syringe, as you have good control of solution this way), then squish base of ear between your fingers to get ear wash to move into ear canal, and begin to loosen wax and debris.

Often dog will shake their heads vigorously when they feel the wash enter their ear. When they do this be careful to not allow solution to get into your dog’s eyes. We recommend you blot out the excess solution with gauze, cotton, or a cotton cloth. You may repeat this once a day for a few days if needed.

***When not to use Wickedly Potent!® Ear Wash:

If inside of ear is raw and red or open cut this is the sign of an awfully bad and painful ear infection.
This needs immediate veterinary care to which your Vet will probably apply an antibiotic directly into the affected ear.
Please do not substitute Wickedly Potent!® Ear Wash in this situation.

Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Dog & Pet Ear Wash, pawflex, dog ear care, pet ear care

Ear Wash

Finally Wash Clean That Smelly Pet Odor with pure and natural fragrant essential oils, herbs and flowers

And Treat Your Dog or Puppy to an Herbal Skin Therapy at the Same Time

Our Wickedly Potent!® Shampoo Line… 

Crafted with the pampered pup in mind,
Wickedly Potent!® offers all-natural herbal shampoos to relieve your dog of anything from itchy, dry skin to pesky fleas n’ ticks.


Our all natural Wickedly Potent!® line is naturally brewed up in small batches, to assure perfection and balance, combining soothing oils, infusions and herbs known to help pets (and even their owners) throughout antiquity. NO CHEMICALS ADDED.


Our shampoos for dogs are fortified with all human grade, fresh, ingredients and no irritating chemicals or artificial additives. That means 100 percent animal healing and love to protect your dog from anything getting in the way of them wagging on.

Medicinal Herbal Shampoos Available: 

We list all our ingredients, to be
Completely Transparent 

Our products are tested on us to see if it’s good enough for them. Most of our products are vegan, with the exception of the products with honey or beeswax.
We list all our ingredients, to be completely transparent, even though, it is not required by law for OTC herbal products.

Dog Shampoo's


PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, The Everything Dog & Pet Shampoo

The Everything Shampoo

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent Natural Remedies Calming Dog Shampoo

Calming Shampoo

We list all our ingredients,
to be Completely Transparent.

Not all dogs love getting a wash or clean, but this potent brew helps with calming and cleansing. Our herbally calming formula is all natural, crafted with only human grade ingredients with aim to relax, so Calming Shampoo!

Itchy Mutt Shampoo!

Remedy Wash,

Naturally Formulated to deal with
Dry and Irritated Skin.

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Itchy Mutt Dog & Pet Shampoo

Itchy Mutt Shampoo

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Healing Skin Dog & Pet Shampoo

Healing Skin Shampoo

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Puppy Love Dog & Pet Shampoo

Puppy Love Shampoo

PawFlex | Natural Remedies, Fleas & Ticks Dog & Pet Shampoo

Fleas & Ticks Shampoo

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent Natural Remedies Achy Joints Dog Shampoo

Achy Joints Shampoo

Achy Joints Shampoo!

Our Herbal, all natural Dog Shampoo is crafted complete with only Human Grade Ingredients.

Massage your dog’s legs, hips and body gently with our Shampoo, Soaking in all the “Herbal Benefits” into their skin or fill a warm bath with it like you would your own bubble bath and let them soak and feel at ease.

Dry Shampoo

Oatmeal, Arrowroot Powder, Baking Soda, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Raw Rice and Cedarwood Oil.

(** all natural prevention of clumping and absorbing moisture)

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent Natural Remedies Dry Dog Shampoo

Dry Shampoo

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, Smelly Dog & Pet Shampoo

Smelly Dog Shampoo

Wound Care & Anxiety Relief

Pawflex Healing Spray

Healing Spray

Pawflex Calming Drops

Calming Drop

I Love You,
Naturally™ Herbal Calming Drops

is a safe and effective way to give your dog
that serene state of being.

Our Earth’s Healing Spray is like our Earth’s Healing Balm but it’s a spray!
And fully vegan from the absence of beeswax in the solution.
Like our all natural balms, Earth’s Healing Spray is made with love and in small batches to insure quality and potency.

Gel Spell logo

Our natural pain, sore muscle and joint relief time release gel patch has essential oil of wintergreen with Anti-Inflammatory and vasodilatory properties, particularly indicated to relieve rheumatism, cramps and tendonitis.

This works in synergistic action with menthol offering instantaneous cold sensation, which anesthetizes pain. The macadamia vegetable oil moisturizes and protects the skin.

Like all PawFlex products our new Wickedly Potent!

GelSpell Patch is a breeze to use, is 100% Safe and highly effective for aiding in the relief and discomfort associated with soreness and stiffness due to a variety of  afflictions from sprains to arthritis acute to chronic.

GelSpell is a time release patch that can be washed and reused for 1 week – 3 weeks.

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