Taking the ‘STICKY’ out of the situation

IV Key Kit

Classic Issues with Current/Standard IV Placement


First and only non-adhesive IV catheter system. Stress and hassle free:

    • Quick and easy to place, adjust and remove
    • No fur pulling and ripping
    • No tape sticking to itself
    • No waste – simply detach Velcro and do again

An all around better alternative to archaic adhesives.

QuicTach…..Taking the ‘STICKY’ out of the situation


Quick / Simple Instructions

Prepare IV Key and Line

Prepare Winged IV Catheter

Place wound pad portion of strap directly under desired point of needle/veinous entry.

Stretch strap 1 full rotation and secure to first catch tab

Continue with proper IV Catheter placement.

Place IV KEYTM around catheter hub

Pull ends of IV KEYTM for snug fit

Press IV KEYTM onto strap to secure

Connect IV line to hub. Seal LineLockTM to tubing by folding onto itself

Place LineLockTM onto strap

Wrap remainder of Non-Slip strap over IV catheter

Try these Additional PawFlexTM products to accessorize and complement the QuicTachTM System (These products are sold separately and are not included in this packaging*)

Short- term use of IV catheter placement

The QuicTach Non slip grip  Basic strap, IV Key and 1-2 line lock pieces are all you need to fully secure any IV catheter in place .

For Long-Term Use of IV/Catheter In Patient

Quictach accessory strap:
For additional extra strong non slip grip hold.

Pawflex Basic Wide Bandage:
For extra protection and catheter coverage:
Use 1 Basic wide for 1/4 leg length coverage  Use 2 for entire  leg length coverage.

Universal/ Joint Bandage:
For half leg length coverage.

Note: For above coverage options choose same size product being used for QuicTachTM placement system on patient.


Non Slip Grip Strap TM

Non Adhesive
Super Stretch
Fur Friendly
Duel Catch Fastener
Water Resistant


Non Adhesive
Velcro Type Fastening
Non-Slip Grip
Soft & Pliable
Easy On Easy Off


Velcro Type Fastening
Soft & Pliable
Easy on – Easy off