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Basic Bandage

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Universal Joint Bandage

Bandage Sleeve/Cover for Dogs Legs

Protective Sleeve Cover

PawFlex Medimitt Paw Bandage

Medimitt Bandage

PawFlex Medimitt Paw Bandage

Medimitt Outdoor Cover

PawFlex Leg Bandage for Dogs

PawFlex, Moonpie Shark Bite Part 1

PawFlex, Moonpie Shark Bite Part 2

PawFlex, Moonpie Skito Bite

See How PawFlex® Bandages Revolutionized Wound Care

PawFlex® bandages are our award-winning line of fur-safe wraps and mitts for dogs, cats and other pets with super stretch and non-adhesive fabric. Our pet bandages are ‘all in one’ disposable and reusable, with water resistant, breathable and non-irritating material keep wounds protected.

PawFlex® has five bandage and cover designs currently available with up to six sizes to cater any wound for all dog body-types and breeds: PawFlex® Basic Bandage and Universal Joint Bandage come in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large/XL; and, the PawFlex® Protective Sleeve Cover with the MediMitt and MediMitt Cover range in sizes from Two-X Small to Extra Large accommodating small, medium and large dogs of all breeds and ages – as well as cats, rabbits and like-sized critters.

Our company’s goal is to provide innovated yet affordable bandaging that is high quality and addresses issues pet owners have with other dog bandaging on the market today. PawFlex® Break-Through bandage designs are not only effective and slip or Slide-Free, but are comfortable and a Hassle-Free alternative to current pet wound care solutions.

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How to Use

PawFlex Leg Bandage for Dogs
Bandage Sleeve/Cover for Dogs Legs
PawFlex Medimitt Paw Bandage
PawFlex Medimitt Paw Bandage

Product Descriptions

PawFlex Leg Bandage for Dogs

PawFlex® | Basic Bandage

PawFlex® super stretch material flexes in all joint degrees and angles and moves gently and smoothly with your active dog.
PawFlex® is gentle and soft enough for the tiniest breed and strong and tough enough for the largest of breeds.

Aside from coming in sizes XSmall to XLarge we offer 2 different widths to accommodate not just dog size but wound size as well.

PawFlex® Basic Bandage is for any part of your dogs’ leg.

PawFlex Leg Bandage for Dogs

PawFlex® | Universal Joint Bandage

This bandage was specifically designed to bend with, Flex and mold to your pet’s joints, large wounds, open paws and tails at any angle with absolute comfort and ease. Its gentle and its ergonomic construction allows your dog total freedom to move, run and play without any restrictiveness or discomfort.

Again, no worry about slippage as each PawFlex® design has a built- in non slip grip created specifically for fur.

Special instructions on sizing PawFlex® Universal Bandage: Follow size chart recommendation for hock (hind leg) joint; go down 1 size for front leg joints and large wounds on front legs or below the hock (Hind Leg Joint).

Bandage Sleeve/Cover for Dogs Legs

PawFlex® | Protective Sleeve Cover

We suggest using the bandage cover with both PawFlex® Basic and Universal Joint Bandages if your dog needs extra protection from biting or gnawing at his wound and/or bandage.

The tubular bandage cover is easy to slip on and off and is totally hassle free. It has a built- in non slip grip and is water resistant. The cover is tubular which means there are no ends to unravel or open. In other words it’s virtually impossible for your pet to get it off…unless of course he’s Houdini. Many dogs won’t require the bandage cover/protector but every dog owner knows their own dog and can make that judgment call on an individual basis. PawFlex® Tubular cover can also be used separately to protect sensitive shin or stitches. The Tubular cover comes as long strips and is meant to be cut to desired length needed.

PawFlex Medimitt Paw Bandage

PawFlex® | Medimitt Bandage

This bandage is for your dogs paws.

It has no designated front or back so you can direct the wound pad portion directly over the wound no matter where it is located on the paw.

The fastener is a stretch non-slip strap with Velcro- type tab.

PawFlex Medimitt Paw Bandage

PawFlex® | Medimitt Bandage Cover

For outdoor protection, PawFlex® has designed a disposable water proof Cover/Protector that slips right over PawFlex® MediMitt® and utilizes the same fastener to keep the MediMitt® clean and dry during outside use.

Size Chart

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Size Chart Pawflex



Whether you have an immediate wound care need, addressing a chronic problem, preparing for home care recovery after a scheduled surgery, dealing with a sprain or simply just want to be prepared, PawFlex’s First Response Bandage care kits fit the need, and should be your first choice for wound care management.


Have you looked inside basic affordable First Aid Kit?

These kits provide little or no help in wound care situations, long or short term,
let alone offer any significant help in a real emergency.

PawFlex First Response Kits serves immediate and emergency multiple use needs, as well as preparedness peace of mind.

Each disposable non- adhesive PawFlex Bandage is ergonomically designed to address the specifics of an animal’s leg, paw or tail from its shape to its functionality, and of course, comfort; Unlike conventional adhesive bandages, PawFlex non-slip grip is fur friendly. Bandage stay on and in place in total comfort.

PawFlex bandages have a built in non-adherent wound pad where medicine can be directly applied.

– First response Bandage Care Kits –

There is no better time than now to have on hand a top quality wound care kit.

PawFlex’s new First response Bandage Care Kits provide exactly what is needed for today’s world

Our Bandage care kits provide 3 important elements for your pets immediately wound care needs.

Home care Basics (Nicks, Cuts Hot Spots, Surgical site and more)

Emergency care (Large wounds needing professional attention)

Disaster preparedness


The super stretch, water resistant and breathable material flexes and molds to your pets every movement.

Our patented dual catch fastener make applying, adjusting and removing a Pawflex bandage quick and easy; no peeling, pulling, cutting or unraveling… just press tab to fasten and lift to release… it’s that simple.

PawFlex has removed the stress and hassle from all your bandaging issues which is why we have earned award winning status,

PawFlex…… one of a kind and second to none

Love your Dog….. love PawFlex

Discounted Discontinued Packaging

PawFlex Pet Bandages Packs

Features and Advantages




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Bandages in new packaging [OPP BAGS] and old packaging [ These boxes ] are the same. For a Limited time – limited sizes and designs available.

Coming soon for purchase in the shop – Buy 2 boxes get third free of same design and size while inventory lasts.

Great savings for those using bandages for chronic use or gifts.

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Additional uses of PawFlex Medimitts with or without the Medimitt Waterproof Outdoor Cover

Use Medimitts® to cover dogs paws/nails to prevent them from scratching and ripping at compromised skin such as mange,
fungus and infected ears, stitches and protection from… HOT PAVEMENT, RAIN, SALT, SNOW AND ICE.

Highlighted Key Features

Reliable And Non Slip

PawFlex® unique non slip grip application assures minimal slippage…..
even on the most active dogs. Specially designed to gently grip your dogs fur without sticking or pulling fur.

High Performance And Comfort

PawFlex® Super stretch fabric is soft and flexible allowing easy flowing movements without restriction.
Your dog will maintain full mobility while running and playing as well as total comfort while resting

Quick And Easy

PawFlex® is hands down the quickest, gentlest and easiest bandage system to use. PawFlex literally takes seconds to secure and release, making it the most hassle free and non evasive bandage system.

Waterproof Bandages, ok icon

Unique Fastening System

PawFlex® Double Catch Velcro-Type Fastener allows for strong and secure hold  with the ability to adjust and readjust tension with ease and speed for a perfect fit while never compromising the bandages integrity.

No cutting, pulling or peeling;  No looking for the end of the wrap or tape; No unraveling, no fur pulling… just lift and release. Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event for you or your pet.

About Our PawFlex: Protectors/Covers

Tubular Bandage Protector/Cover guarantees no unraveling

Medimitt Waterproof Outdoor Protector/Cover keeps Medimitt clean and dry from outdoor romps

Non Adhesive

PawFlex ® non adhesive means absolutely NO fur pulling or skin ripping.

Your dog will no longer obsess over licking and gnawing at his bandage and wound site do to the discomfort of adhesive painfully tugging on his fur or the alluring scent of adhesives; making PawFlex bandages the most comfortable pet bandages on the market today.

What is pain, stress and hassle free for your pet will immediately become pain, stress and hassle free for you and your family.

Breathable And Water Resistant

PawFlex® Seals out germs and moisture while keeping air circulating. Lick proof: No matter how much your dog licks, PawFlex bandages will not saturate.

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