Universal Joint Bandage

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This bandage was specifically designed to bend with, Flex and mold to your pet’s joints, large wounds, open paws and tails at any angle with absolute comfort and ease. Its gentle and its ergonomic construction allows your dog total freedom to move, run and play without any restrictiveness or discomfort. Non-Adherent wound pad attached.

Again, no worry about slippage as each PawFlex® design has a built- in non slip grip created specifically for fur.


4 Universal Joint Bandages

Size Chart & How To under product image.

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PawFlex “All in One” disposable and breathable bandages are hands down the quickest and easiest bandages to use; no cutting pulling or peeling, just press to secure or lift to release.


PawFlex bandages are vet approved, so they’re great for emergency wound care or keeping around for just in case. We have many dogs and know that there is no One-Size-Fits-All so that’s why we have variety of sizes.

  • NON-SLIP GRIP: Unique non-slip grip feature assures minimum slippage even on the most active dogs; bandage stays in place.
  • SUPER STRETCH • SUPER SOFT • BREATHABLE: PawFlex® Bandages stretch with and bend with all your dog movements. They are so soft your pet won’t know they are even on.
  • NON-ADHESIVE: Absolutely no fur pulling or skin ripping; making PawFlex the most comfortable & hassle free pet bandages on the market today!
  • UNIQUE FASTENING SYSTEM: PawFlex Double Catch ADJUSTABLE FASTENING STRAP allows for strong and secure hold with the ability to adjust and readjust tension. No cutting, pulling or peeling, no looking for the end of wrap or tape. Just lift and release!
  • VET APPROVED – EASY WAY TO BUILD YOUR PETS AT HOME FIRST AID KIT: Universal Joint Bandages are designed to bend with, flex and mold to your pet’s joints, large wounds, open paws and tails at any angle with absolute comfort and ease.

Our universal Joint bandage works wonders for tail injuries as the double Velcro tab fastener and non-slip grip conforms, holds and flexes with the happiest of tail wagers without slipping off. You can also use the Universal Joint bandage on paws if the injury is not at the lowest part of the paw. Once wrapped It will fit more like a sandal (2-3 toes showing) rather than the full coverage you get with our Medimitt paw bandage.

If you need some help selecting a size for your pet please see the sizing chart to the right in the links. If still unable to find a suitable size send us a note and we’ll be happy to help you! info@pawflex.com(718) 648-8685)

Dog Size Charts for Basic & Universal Joint Bandage
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Weight 4 oz

X2Small – XSmall, Small, Medium, Large – XLarge


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