Kiiya ; A tiny little girl with an indomitable spirit

"I can highly recommend the PawFlex line of products. Our 3lb…

Oracle the kitty “The obsessive tummy licker”

Oracle was hyper-grooming due to stress and created raw spots…

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So POWERFUL...The time has come for ALL of 'good heart' to stand up and end their horrors. Hear them, see them them. ... See MoreSee Less

We showed footage from our undercover investigation in the country's largest slaughterhouse to some of Israel's most famous celebrities. Their reactions say it all. Subtitles are in English. דליק ווליניץ Mishel Taroni Lihi Griner Tzabar Hen Tal Guy Meroz Gadi Wilcherski גדי וילצ'רסקי We are in the final stages of processing the footage for a publication campaign online, on billboards, in magazine and newspaper articles, on the sides of buses, everywhere! To make sure that the documentation is shared and also stays on top of the news, we need your help. To make it happen and to make sure that this monumental earth shattering exposé gets maximal exposure, you are invited to donate to our crowdfund campaign, please click here---> In the name of all the innocent animals who were not spared, and in the name of those we all hope to save, thank you. <3

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