The Original Vegan Toothpaste


Wickedly Potent!™ The Original Vegan Toothpaste for dogs is made with all human grade ingredients and is not only harmless to ingest but beneficial because of natural activated charcoal.

Contents: 2 oz | *All Human Grade Ingredients

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Wickedly Potent!™ Toothpaste for dogs is made with all human grade ingredients and is not only harmless to ingest but beneficial because of natural activated charcoal. Holistic and free of any lab-made chemicals, crafted wholly for fighting plaque, whitening, cleansing and soothing with a mild clean flavor for fresh breath.

Naturally Anti-Plaque, Antibacterial, Refreshing, Soothing & Whitening 


Beneficial Properties of our All Natural, Herbal Ingredients in our Doggie Toothpaste:


Here are the Beneficial Properties of The Original Vegan Toothpaste! 


Activated Charcoal Powder naturally whitens teeth, but also clings to toxins and heals from within all through the digestion track.
Coconut Oil is antibacterial and known to kill Plaque-Causing bacteria.
Black Seed Oil is calming, healing to sore gums and anti-inflammatory.
Parsley & Cinnamon infusions for fresh breath, and Cinnamon aides with Anti-Inflammation

PawFlex | Wickedly Potent, Natural Remedies, The Original Vegan Dog Toothpaste

Directions: Use pea size amount of tooth paste on a cloth, gentle toothbrush or your finger. A little more is recommended for bigger dogs. Completely safe if swallowed. Recommended Uses: 1 to 2 times daily for favored results.


Special note on consistency. Mix well if separated. During hot weather coconut oil will melt to a liquid oil state (as real food grade non chemically altered coconut oil does) mix and place in refrigerator during the warmer climate if you want your tooth paste to be more pasty…

Our I Love You Naturally™ and Wickedly Potent!™ are animal cruelty free, and contribute to no animal testing. Our products are tested on us to see if it’s good enough for them. Most of our products are vegan, with the exception of the products with honey or beeswax.

We list all our ingredients, to be completely transparent, even though, it is not required by law for OTC herbal products.


Ingredients: *All Human Grade Ingredients 


Coconut Oil, Black Seed Oil (Organic), Parsley, Activated Hardwood Charcoal Powder, Cinnamon & Baking Soda.

If doggie toothpaste just isn’t your bone and biscuit, check out our Teeth and Mouth Spray. Oral care with renowned oregano and plantain oils that effectively spritzes plaque away. Wickedly Potent!™ offers human grade ingredients with puppy-eyed dogs in mind.
– The above properties are based on independent studies & traditional uses –


Weight 4 oz


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