Each FunStufferz made in the USA is unique and come in many different color combinations.
Colors are chosen randomly.

Fun Stufferz are Handmade in the USA.

Contents: Handmade Fun Stufferz BumbleBee.



Most dogs today live within an environment created for humans. They live indoors most of the day with some outdoor breaks. Dogs are genetically and instinctively designed to be on the move and live in a state of awareness. They are highly intelligent and share all the same emotions we have…. stress, boredom, joy, etc, Therefore, it is essential to stimulate their needs that connect them to being a dog so that they can feel happy, healthy balanced, and whole.

Dog toys that speak directly to these needs are pivotal to a dog’s overall health and wellness; psychologically, emotionally and physically. PawFlex®’s line of Owiee™ Toys offers the perfect way to provide your dog with a safe outlet to simply be a dog.


Each FunStufferz made in the USA is unique and come in many different color combinations. Colors are chosen randomly. Please choose the “color combo” you most want and we will try our best to facilitate it! Funstufferz also come in variable openings that are randomly selected when shipped to you. See pictures for details!


Additional info 

Fun Stufferz have a double reinforced stretch opening for your dog to dig in and pull out the 12 6”x6” fleece sheets that each Fun Stufferz™ toy comes with. FunStuffers do not have the standard poly fill stuffing. The finished opening is already there for your dog to reach in and begin the thrilling act of de-stuffing.

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Tug ropes are also sold separately as refill rope for Fun Stufferz toys or just as a separate tug rope for play. All our handwoven Fun Stufferz toys are washable. Just thrown them in your washing machine with some towels or rags and toss into the dryer.

If you want specific Back Shape during checkout you can tell us your Back Shape choices (Star, Circle or Dog Bone) using the order notes section.



Regular – Female Colored, Regular – Male Colored, Regular – Unisex Colored, Small – Female Colored, Small – Male Colored, Small – Unisex Colored


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