PawFlex Comfy Pawz™ Short Cotton Dog Socks with Double Sided Anti-Slip bottoms and Adjustable Strap

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  • Highest Quality Short Cotton Pet Socks. All paw coverage, and less leg coverage. Patented non-slip grip on inner Cuff holds socks in place along with adjustable strap without using any adhesives, which keeps socks from twisting and slipping down. Great for any type of paw protection for wounds, excessive licking, surgical sites, allergy paws and more.
  • Double sided anti-slip top and bottom for best grip on slippery floors. Helps senior and disabled dogs with traction providing easier mobility around the home and getting up. Special heart shaped grip design allows socks to still be super stretchy, unlike other socks, with perfect amount of grip.
  • Reinforced toe area with strong nylon thread prevents dog’s nails from ripping through the fabric. This unique high-quality feature allows for more durability while still maintaining stretch and comfort, unlike generic cheap quality pet socks on the market today.
  • Our non-slip dog socks are great for medical use, protecting wounds and injuries. Helps keep ointment on the paw and not the floor, stabilizes walking for senior and disabled dogs. Provide a protective barrier from excessive licking. Some dogs will still need supervision and /or a cone.
  • Added Bonus: Placing our patented socks on your dog before putting on their dog boots will help secure their boots in place due to the non-slip grip on inner cuff and inner middle of all of PawFlex’s Comfy Pawz™ socks and booties.
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PawFlex® Comfy Pawz™ are a patented Dog sock/Bootie that have unique features that other dog’s socks and booties on the market today are lacking. The Silicone nonslip grip on inner cuff and inner midsection of socks and booties create a gripping effect on your dog’s leg, along with stretchy strap so that socks/booties stay on without spinning, twisting, or sliding off. The special anti-slip heart design creates a specific functionality creating unlimited flexibility and grip without jeopardizing the full range of stretchability for maximum comfort. Our dog socks are made of the highest-grade cotton. They are super soft, stretchy, and breathable, providing the best and most secure fit for your dog’s paws. PawFlex® Comfy Pawz™ Nonslip socks come 4 types; Full coverage long socks, low rise socks, long smooth waterproof rubber double dipped socks/booties, and low rise textured waterproof rubber double dipped socks. Senior Dogs: Your dog will be able to walk around the house much easier and with confidence. Specifically created with senior and disabled pets. Maximum traction on hardwood floors and other slippery surfaces makes them the perfect socks for dogs with joints, mobility issues and more. First aid: Puts a barrier between your dog’s constant licking and his paws. Helps allow the medicine to do its job before your dogs licks it off. Keeps ointment on paw and not floor. Can be worn for extra protection over pre bandaged paws or under leg braces. Great nail coverage for dogs who are excessively scratching and irritating their skin and wounds with their paws. Prevents further irritation and fosters the healing process to such ailments as Ear infections, surgical site, skin fungus, allergies and more by keeping paws covered and preventing their nails from further aggravating tender skin. Practical use for pet parents: Keeps paws clean and protects furniture from dirt, keeps hardwood floors from being scratched. Our cool selection of long socks, short socks and waterproof socks not only provide incredible Functional and solve ALL the problems of current socks/booties on the market today, but also add Flare, Fashion and Stylish to match your, and your pet’s, personality. All these unique features combined make PawFlex® Comfy Pawz™ The best paw socks and boots on the market    



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Comfy Pawz


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